If you want to keep your mutual fund units in a Demat form, these are the steps you need to follow.

In an Online mode, holding mutual fund units in a Demat form is not possible.

It can only be done in Offline mode.

If you wish to hold mutual fund units in a Demat form, then these are the procedures to follow.

Step 1: Visit www.samcomf.com and scroll down to the Quick Links area, where you will find the scheme’s KIM & Application Form, or simply use this link to get the KIM & Application Form→

Quick Links

Step 2: While filling out the form, you'll notice the Unit Holding Option, which has two options: Physical Mode and Demat Mode.

KYC Form

Step 3: To hold your allotments in a Dematerialized form, select Demat Mode and provide your Demat account information.

Step 4: Then fill out the form and submit the form to Samco Mutual Fund or Kfintech office with your documentation and a cheque for the amount you wish to invest.

Here is the Samco Mutual Fund Office Address:

Samco Asset Management Private Ltd.

1003 – A Naman Midtown 10th Floor, Senapati Bapat Marg, Prabhadevi (west) Mumbai 400 013 India.

For more information about investing in mutual funds, visit www.samcomf.com.  

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